With NewMedicine we offer high-quality products, consultations and science based lifestyle advice. Blending our network, knowledge and experiences.

Ninieck, m.d.

Active at the heart surgery department as a doctor and a researcher. Blending traditional and preventive medicine with her degree as an orthomolecular and integrative physician, as well as a burn-out and lifestyle specialist

Caia, oly.

A celebrated Olympic athlete with two gold and one silver Olympic medal under her belt. She has won two World Championships and three European Championships with her hockeyteam. She knows all too well that when one is performing at this level, balance is absolutely everything. You have to be both mentally AND physically strong.

Our vision

We thrive to, not only strengthen your body, but to empower your mind as well.
We strongly believe the sole connection is where to find balance in today’s modern world.

our method

Our method is based on 8 main areas: healthy nutrition, natural therapies, cognitive stimulation, mental resilience, well-being, stressmanagement and physical performance. 

It is the most integrative method available to achieve an optimal state of well-being. 

our goal

Our goal is to simplify a healthy lifestyle for optimal well-being. Our whole – body person integrative approach bridges experience and scientific knowledge.


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