Ninieck, M.D
Active at the heart surgery department as a doctor and a researcher. Blending traditional and preventive medicine with her degree as an orthomolecular and integrative physician, as well as a burn-out and lifestyle specialist

Involved in several researches including Vit D and COPD, hypnosis as a treatment for chronic pains, gut-bacteria and gut health as well as mental health related to micronutrient deficiencies

Caia, OLY 

A celebrated Olympic athlete with two gold and one silver Olympic medal under her belt. She has won two World Championships and three European Championships with her hockeyteam

She knows all too well that when one is performing at this level, balance is absolutely everything. You have to be both mentally AND physically strong

" your lifestyle determines your health, your mental state and ultimately your wellbeing. "


With NewMedicine we connect the gap between modern medicine, ancient knowledge and nature’s unmeasurable power 

We thrive to, not only strengthen your body, but to empowering your mind as well. We strongly believe the sole connection is where to find balance in today’s modern world

Your lifestyle determines your health, your mental state and ultimately your wellbeing. Our goal is to simplify a lifestyle that offers preventive and long term health. Our whole-person integrative approach bridges experience and scientific based medicine

"If you apply scientific knowledge to the brilliance of nature, you can develop products that actually work"

M.D. van Maasakker 




Our team includes doctors, therapists, breathing coaches, personal trainers, mental coaches and energy management. They are all highly experienced and ready for whatever your query might be having. Worked with professional athletes and top business leaders, we're proud to be able to offer you their services


Our supreme therapeutic packs are designed to nurture you from the inside out, to perform at your highest level and to feel your best. We simply want you to feel good about yourself. It's time to elevate your energy and offer you a new way of health. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community of NewMedicine


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